Recruit your spouse or partner to participate in a resistant band workout that builds muscle and a strong relationship
Exercising together can boost the quality of your relationship. There are plenty of studies out there that show that couples who work out together feel more satisfied and connected  in their relationships.  Sharing a common goal also builds strength within the relationship creating a beneficial routine and
trust.  Resistance band workouts only require light-weight bands and can be achieved anywhere, inside or outside.  Take 20 minutes and run through 
these strength building exercises with your partner in life and health.

Wrap a resistance band around your partner's  torso, gripping each end of the band. Step a few feet back, planting your feet slightly wider than hip-distance apart.  Drop  down into a squat, pressing your hips back and keeping your weight in your heels. Extend your arms fully in front of you and engage your core.  Once in position tell your partner to run in place...  your weight will keep them in one place while providing resistance to make the run challenging.  Do the exercise for 1 minute and take turns being the anchor.

Stand a few feet in front of your partner, gripping the ends of a resistance band in each hand so the center is looped behind you. Your partner  should grab the center of the band with both hands about chest-distance apart with  her arms extended forward at shoulder height. Starting with your fists at your shoulders, palms facing down, press against the resistance of the band and extend your arms fully in front of your chest. Return to your starting position.

Once you’re done with your chest press, prepare yourself to provide resistance for your partner. Engage your core and lean slightly forward, keeping your fists steady at your shoulders. Your partner  squeezes his shoulder blades together, drawing his elbows back as he pulls the band to his chest.


Stand facing each other with knees slightly bent, hips back, and core engaged, each partner holding one end of a resistance band on the same  side (right hand for one partner, left hand for the other).  Hinge slightly toward each other from the waist. Both partners bend elbows 90 degrees and hug elbow and biceps to their sides.  Extend the arm holding the band and using your tricep to push the band away from your partner, keeping elbow hugged into side  the movement. Slowly re-bend arm and return to the 90-degree angle and repeat  Take turns with your partner and repeat for 60 seconds.  Incorporate this into your daily physical activity with your partner twice a week and follow up  the exercising session with some full body stretches or a brisk walk. 

Tune in all month to see videos from Jim and John that show a multitude of additional band workouts poolside or in your own home office. 

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