May 2019 Client of the Month - John Bumpus

May 2019 Client of the Month - John Bumpus

My walk-in interview was encouraging and I needed to start a fitness program, but had limited time to exercise.


In my first 3 months, I have lost 10 pounds and gone from a 42- waist pant size to 38 pant size. At the end of the 3 months I did my first unassisted sit ups. That is huge for me.


My trainer is world class in professionalism and ability. The thing I like most about my program is the circuit is different every time.


There is only one way to get off the fence that will give you what you know you need to do for yourself. That is to start an assisted exercise program with a knowledgeable trainer. It is vital to get the coaching from a professional to get you started in a safe way.


Individual fitness is perfect for getting started in a rewarding lifestyle change. You won’t regret getting healthy in the natural way.


~John Bumpus

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