Jennifer Strong & Chelsea Moores Clients of the Month November 2018

I decided to join Individual Fitness because I started to really hate how I looked in photos.  And I noticed my pants size kept creeping up…I knew it was time.

Since starting my program here at IF I am down 3 pant sizes!  My energy level has skyrocketed!

Jennifer and I were really lucky to have had 2 amazing trainers at IF, Elise & Morgan!  They both have pushed us until we felt like we were going to puke! Believe it or not, I love that! That’s how we have results.

If you are on the fence about joining IF…just do it!!  And be patient, results don’t happen overnight, but I PROMISE if you stay as dedicated to your plan as your trainer is, the results will come!

~Chelsea Moores


I decided to join Individual Fitness as I needed to lose weight for my health but lacked the knowledge and motivation to start a program without professional guidance.  Since joining IF I feel healthier and stronger through my weight loss results and gained endurance!

What I like most about IF is it’s a warm and friendly atmosphere with a healthy dose of humor.  The trainers are always available for any questions or concerns and will work with you to adjust your routine as needed and will also respectively kick your ass as needed!

If you are on the fence about joining IF you can only sit on a fence for so long before it becomes unbearably uncomfortable.  Dig deep and do it!

~Jennifer Strong






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