Most people hit their peak bone mass at age 30

Most people hit their peak bone mass at age 30. Peak bone mass is the point where your body stops building up bone tissue. At that point, your bones won't ever increase in density. Men may be able to coast, but women lose a lot of their bone tissue during menopause and according to the National Institute for Arthritus and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, the lower your peak bone mass, the more likely you are to develop osteoporosis later. Unfortunately, as much as 75 percent of bone mass is related to genetic factors you can't control. But women can take charge of 25 percent by making sure they get enough calcium and vitamin D (particularly in their teens), taking hormonal birth control (which the NIAMSD says is linked to high bone density), not smoking, and exercising regularly- but not too much. Young women who exercise or starve themselves to the point they stop having their period also lose large amounts of bone tissue, and may never be able to build it back.

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