The PB2 Craze

The PB2 Craze

We use PB2 in our smoothies as an awesome substitute for regular Peanut Butter, Check it out!!

The PB2 Craze

Have you heard of PB2 or powdered peanut butter? In the weight loss world, this food has become quite the popular alternative to regular, high fat, high calorie peanut butter.

What is PB2?

PB2 is made of peanuts that have been dehydrated into a powder form, thus resulting in a product that has 85% less fat calories than typical peanut butter.

How do you use PB2?

PB2 has the same consistency as regular peanut butter when mixed together. To use the powder, just combine with water and mix to your desired consistency.  A popular way to use PB2 is to mix some in your smoothies, to add awesome flavor and creaminess.

Where can you find PB2?

This product can be difficult to find! However, GNC stores and specialty grocers such as Whole Foods, Sprouts or Trader Joe’s typically carry the product, or some regular grocery stores.


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