March 2018 Client of the Month - Paul Alfano

What made me decide on Individual Fitness…I had been working out on a regular basis for a couple years, and didn't see any change in my physique.  My wife suggested I see a professional to show me how to use that same workout time more wisely.  So, I chose Individual Fitness.


In three months, I lost 22 pounds and look totally different.  I tell my (college age) children Dad is ripped, but they think I am kidding.  Wait until summer!   I played three sports in high school, but I weigh less and look better now than I did when I graduated 40 years ago.


What I like best about IF, is not having to think.  John tells me what to do and what to eat and I do it. 


I would tell anyone to just go for it!  If you follow the program, you will get the results you seek.


I would like to thank you and Jim and John again for showing me how to make this happen.   I'm having a blast, and greatly appreciate what you have done.


~Paul Alfano

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