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Kaitlynn Woodward in Concord - Individual Fitness

Kaitlynn Woodward

Kaitlynn joined the IF team after graduating Summa Cum Laude from Johnson State College with her Bachelor’s in Health and Exercise Science. Kaitlynn’s love for fitness and interacting with people has propelled her into the personal training world. Kaitlynn’s hobbies include kayaking, playing softball, and playing with dogs.

Since high school, Kaitlynn knew that she didn’t to work at a desk all day. Her inspiration for becoming a personal trainer came from her love of playing team sports. She said, “There’s no greater feeling than working together as a team to achieve a goal, and that’s what a personal trainer gets to do every day.” Just like the clients at IF, Kaitlynn continues to set new health and fitness goals, and she shares her positive energy and motivation with those around her. Her love for helping people and health continues to grow as she continues her journey with the IF team.

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