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  • Ally Goddard, Individual Fitness Testimonials

    Ally Goddard
  • Jim Olson , Individual Fitness Testimonials

    Jim Olson
  • Jamie Roy , Individual Fitness Testimonials

    Jamie Roy
  • Testimonial 4, Individual Fitness Testimonials

    Testimonial 4
  • Dustin L., Individual Fitness Testimonials

    Lost 20 lbs. In 2 months! Thanks Jim & Jon. Looking forward to losing more.

    Dustin L.
  • Athena H., Individual Fitness Testimonials

    I’m working out half the time with my trainer Individual Fitness that I used to on my own, and my results are amazing! At 41 years old, this program is turning back the clock for me. It feels great to be strong and comfortable in my body again, and I owe it all to their knowledge and encouragement. IF offers outstanding presonalized programs for anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level. During my sessions, my trainer is 100% focused on me and my progress. The studio is intimate and full of positive energy, and I always feel energized, fit and happy when I leave. You don’t have to do it on your own, and it doesn’t require countless hours in the gym if you’re working with the trainers at IF. Thank you, Individual Fitness!

    Athena H.
  • Chris B., Individual Fitness Testimonials

    As a soon to be non smoker I needed a partner to help me get fit, stay fit, and stay motivated not only to help to stay stopped, but to improve my health. 2-1/2 years later I have by far superseded my goals with all the help from the specialized and customized training! I have reached a point of being so excited about fitness that I have set new goals, and new goals. The dedicated, fun, and reliable team of trainers make exercise fun and obtainable. Thank you Individual Fitness!!!

    Chris B.
  • Margarita O., Individual Fitness Testimonials

    Jim is Awesome!!!!

    Margarita O.
  • Lynn D., Individual Fitness Testimonials

    I've been working out at IF for almost a year. The trainers have been incredibly supportive in helping me meet my personal goals. The word "Individual" in the business name is truly representative of the attention you receive as a client - one-on-one specialized programs based on the specific needs each client brings in the door. If knowledgeable trainers who offer support and encouragement are what you need - this is the place to be!

    Lynn D.
  • Tim M., Individual Fitness Testimonials

    An overall great experience. All the staff is friendly, knowledgeable and strategic in their individual planning. Glad I have been going for several years and plan to keep going.

    Tim M.
  • James R., Individual Fitness Testimonials

    I spent the 10 years after I graduated from law school building my career, my family and, unfortunately . . . getting fat. Colleagues at work began to train with Jim and John Olson from IF so I figured I would give it a try. I became a customer, a client and now a friend. I have trained with both Jim and John. I have dropped about 25 pounds. The approach at IF is not just to create a fitness program, but to set a goal and then blend diet and exercise in order to accomplish it. It is easy to recommend IF because they take an interest in their clients. I am truly glad that I gave it a try - I can't imagine a week without my two training sessions.

    James R.
  • Marilyn N., Individual Fitness Testimonials

    I have been training at Individual Fitness for 4 years. The trainers are great, well educated and have a passion for helping their clients reach their goals. My goals were to be able to run a 5k without walking any of it and to decrease the time it took for me to run the distance. Not only have I achieved that goal I decided 2 years ago to try running a 10 miler completed that and then decided if I could do 10 I could do a half marathon which I did last year. I really enjoy my workouts and know that under their guidance I will not injure myself, that's piece of mind for me.

    Marilyn N.
  • I just hit my first year with Individual Fitness! I can't say enough about the people there. . . the staff is amazing (friendly, helpful, encouraging), the clients are also very friendly and encouraging. Being of the "older generation" I have gained so much strength; mental and physical and my energy level is that of a 30 year old! Thank you IF team!!

    Marge B.
  • Quality facility. Great motivating staff, always friendly! Very clean and well organized, perfect place to get back in shape and maintain. They have various programs to fit every age and fitness level. Can't say enough about this place. You will not be disappointed!

    Glan S.
  • Great staff, great program. Can't say enough good things about them.

    Michael O.
  • They're pretty awesome from the top on down to Gavin the fitness fish. I've been training here for a few months and it's becoming more than a habit. This fat guy is getting slimmer and it's due in large part to these folks.

    Jess P.


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